Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Books are Fun to Read

Tuesday's Slice...

As everyone gears up for summer reading activity, I realized that the kids at school have fallen in love with singing the "What Makes You Beautiful" song by One Direction.  So to appeal to them, I have written a parody of the song for inspiring reading pleasure...

As an iDevice holder, I am trying to become more proficient at using the tools...and one of the tools on my iPhone is Garage Band.  I used Garage Band to record the karaoke version of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" and recorded a short parody of the song to the words I wrote calling it "Books are Fun to Read".  As I learn more about Garage Band, I'll try to add more layers to the song, so for now it's kind of raw-but I uploaded it using Sound Cloud and clicked share via Blogger.
Books are Fun to Read  You can click this link to hear the song...
Books are for sure
You know what for
they fill our heads with great ideas and more

They pick us up
or cover up
being the way that they are is enough

Everyone pick up a book and read it
Everyone have one in view

Books they can light up our world like nothing else
The way they inspire you gets you overwhelmed
And when you smile as you read
it's not hard to tell
You all know, you know
You know books are fun to read!

Sorry if I am out of tune or sound goofy!

Happy slicing and reading this week...


  1. You know what else is fun? Listening to your real voice after hearing your writing voice plus I was rocking out and singing with you. Ahhhah...books are fun to read!! Thanks Amy that was fun. I have not experimented with Garage band so thank you for that inspiration, too.

  2. You crack me up. I loved the song and your goofyness. Laughter just added years to my life. Thank you.

  3. I love the lightness of this slice. Perfect for a beautiful spring day!

  4. Too much fun! That was great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think it's great that you would do this, take the song your students love & write about reading, then sing on garage band. Just terrific, Amy, & your voice was just fine!


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