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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beauty of Nature

Tuesday's Slice of Life-Thanks to Stacey and Ruth @ Two Writing Teachers for Hosting the forum for the writing community!

During the past week on Wonderopolis, the Camp What a Wonder theme was all about nature in the backyard-bugs, plants, and things that happen with nature...I was inspired by this and took video of the flowers that are blooming all around the yard now with my iphone...

I then used iMovie Trailer to create a short feature of some of these wonders we captured throughout the yard.  As we walked around the yard together, we noticed lots of pretty flowers blooming.  We even saw an egg that had fallen out of a nest-we looked but couldn't find the nest.  We also saw a blue jay feather.

All of this has lead to noticing.  I believe by the example I'm modeling, I am developing the noticing habit with my children too.  I found evidence to support this claim as I went on a walk with Nattie tonight.  Movements of nature caught her eye before I even noticed-3 rabbits-which she saw before I did, countless birds and many squirrels.  She wanted to get out of the stroller and touch all of them-unfortunately, I just told her to say hello or goodbye-as they would run or fly before she could touch them.

So, here is my debut as an "ifilm" producer, inspired by my son, Kam-who made his own iMovie trailer last weekend-that still needs finished-but I plan to publish it next...

Now grab some popcorn...



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