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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kevin joins in

Hi all, it's me, Amy.  I'm proud to say that today, Kevin is contributing to the idevice family blog with his post about why he's glad he got into the grove with his ipod touch.  Here is his thinking...

Since January 2013, I've been an iPod Touch user and now wonder what took so long! Besides parting with the $$ of course to do it. As my CD players now collect dust, I continue to simply plug in my rectangular wonder and let 2000+ (and counting;sorry Amy!) of my favorite tunes shuffle through my headphones, or component receiver. Who knew a receiver from 1994 could play my iPod stored music collection! You need the proper cord of course, but it's available nevertheless. And I can even surf the web as I listen!

Needless to say I haven't bought a CD since the purchase of the ipod, including the ones I used to buy for $15 for one song! Ugh! $1.29 at iTunes now takes care of that. When my CD changer dies, I really don't need to replace it as my more space efficient wonder can take it from there. I'll keep my CD's as you never know when you may need to rip them again at iTunes especially my favorites.
Long story short, I'm glad I took the dive and bought my iPod Touch as it's so much more efficient and versatile than the dinosaurs I have called "CD players"!