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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kevin joins in

Hi all, it's me, Amy.  I'm proud to say that today, Kevin is contributing to the idevice family blog with his post about why he's glad he got into the grove with his ipod touch.  Here is his thinking...

Since January 2013, I've been an iPod Touch user and now wonder what took so long! Besides parting with the $$ of course to do it. As my CD players now collect dust, I continue to simply plug in my rectangular wonder and let 2000+ (and counting;sorry Amy!) of my favorite tunes shuffle through my headphones, or component receiver. Who knew a receiver from 1994 could play my iPod stored music collection! You need the proper cord of course, but it's available nevertheless. And I can even surf the web as I listen!

Needless to say I haven't bought a CD since the purchase of the ipod, including the ones I used to buy for $15 for one song! Ugh! $1.29 at iTunes now takes care of that. When my CD changer dies, I really don't need to replace it as my more space efficient wonder can take it from there. I'll keep my CD's as you never know when you may need to rip them again at iTunes especially my favorites.
Long story short, I'm glad I took the dive and bought my iPod Touch as it's so much more efficient and versatile than the dinosaurs I have called "CD players"!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Slice of Apple-Repost

Originally posted last year on The Rudder-wanted to repost this on the iDevice Family

Our busy summer is flying by, mainly because it's been chocked full of activities!  The latest activity, which began today, Apple iMovie Camp-is for Kam...and secretly for me too.  A few months back I reflected on how one of the things I learned this year is you never know unless you ask... Consequently, here is another example. 

I was searching for a fun "camp-like" experience for Kameron to attend that was reasonably priced.  At first, we looked into Lego camp (not near by and a little pricey).  Then I thought, I'll google "Apple Camp"-you'll never know unless you ask.  Low and behold, check out what they offer -Apple Camp for Youths!  And, it's "FREE"!  Imagine!  So I registered Kam for the camp because he's really interested in learning how to make movies etc.  He wants to design video games "when he grows up".  So today was "our" first day of camp.

What I observed:
  • Camp counselors that were very down to Earth, and professional yet kid-friendly
  • A clean environment loaded with technology options-a retail store taking the risk to share the devices with kids
  • A generous spirit of giving-each kid got a free camp t-shirt and cute name tags
  • Lots of smiles on counselors' and kids' faces
  • freedom to choose how they wanted to design their movies
  • a risk-taking air that made the kids feel like it was going to be ok to make mistakes and ask questions (ideally how a classroom should be-thanks for the model!)
What Kam experienced:
  • hearing and learning that it's ok to try something new
  • it's ok to ask questions
  • being patient with others who aren't there yet
  • learning in such a way that he could and would teach it to someone else (me  :))
  • using a  6 block storyboard as the basis for creating the movie
  • learning how to make the music to go with the movie
What I learned:
  • Kam taught me how to layer the instruments in "Garage Band"
  • Learning together is fun!
  • I am excited to go back to the Apple Store and see what we learn next...
I want to thank Apple and the staff at the store for making us feel so welcome (no they aren't paying me to write this) on the first day of camp!  It's been a great experience so far and I hope it continues.  I am looking forward to movie day on Saturday, when the children who attended the camp get to show their movies...what a great slice of Apple!

Update-Day 2-
Day 2 was just as fabulous as Day 1-now we're excited to attend "Family Film Fest" on Saturday when all of the movies will be premiered!

Update-Day 3-
The Family Movie Fest Day-the only thing missing was the popcorn!  Kam learned a lot and after seeing the other kids' movies, he said as much and that he wanted to try and get better at making his movies and sound effects to go with them...we'll see what happens!